Nintendo 3DS Games Lineup 2016 Apparently Leaked, Mario and Sonic Sequel Included

Nintendo fans can rejoice and make merry, as a leak from a Nintendo employee to NeoGAF user Trevelyan9999 has shown what appears to be Nintendo’s entire Nintendo 3DS games lineup for the rest of 2016.

Games ranging from a sequel to “Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games” (featuring the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics) to a brand new Pokémon title codenamed Niji (or “Rainbow”).

The list also includes information that Nintendo’s upcoming Legend of Zelda title will release on the NX in addition to the Wii U.

RPG classics Dragon Quest VII and Dragon Quest VIII will also be released at two different points in the year, along with a number of titles codenamed Torte City, Cadillac, N-Stars, Caviar F, and DMW2.

Some of these games will release as part of the “Nintendo Selects” lineup, which is normally used to promote well-selling Nintendo titles on various Nintendo consoles, in a parallel to similar programs by Sega, Playstation, and Xbox. These games are normally sold at a discount price.

There are also indications that the 3DS will be undergoing a price drop when the portable version of the NX releases later this year. The home console version, in the meantime, will release later.

While Nintendo has yet to confirm any of the information, the rumors appear to have a kernel of truth to them. The information about the 3DS price drops holds water, as it would be natural for Nintendo to drop the price of the 3DS to make way for the NX.

However, whether this will help Nintendo’s finances over the course of the year and allow the NX to sell like the original Wii did is another thing entirely, and with the company still in a large amount of financial strife, mistakes can not be made without consequence.