Hiromisu Sasaki Environment Artist for Final Fantasy XV Discusses the Game

Final Fantasy XV is releasing this year, and final developments are being put into place. This includes work by Hiromisu Sasaki Environment Artist for the game.

In an interview with Sasaky, which was kindly translated on the Europe Square Enix site he talked about designing the environments of the game, this includes the dungeons:

“We are fine tuning the lighting and textures in the dungeons right now. It links directly with improving the final visual quality.

We are really tweaking how things look, such as the balance between light and shadows, making sharp rocks look like they would hurt if you touched them or surfaces to look slippery etc.”

The dungeons won’t be just about being dark and scary though:

“When making the dungeons they have to be dark and scary, but I also never forget to make them beautiful as well and aim to make something that sticks in the player’s memory. Aside from that… I am also in charge of something a bit gruesome called “regulation”…”

What is important though is the balance of the designs, and how heated debates can be caused if rules are pushed:

“Yeah, heated debates (Lol).

The more you push the rules, the more things you cannot control about character and enemy behavior. When you look closely you sometimes see that the visuals look off or that attacks aren’t landing because of the terrain rules, and thus battle cannot take place.

We really want to prioritise the gameplay feeling good over small graphical failures, but if you do that then the visuals start to look bad, so there are debates about what the best way to handle things is (Lol).”

As you can see from what we’ve already witness in the world of Final Fantasy XV, the environments will play a big part in the game. It’ll be interesting to see Hiromisu Sasaki’s work in the game.

What are your thoughts on Hiromisu Sasaki Environment Artist and his work? Did he reveal any interesting details about the game? Let us know in the comments section below.