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Hideo Kojima’s Comments Indicate That Konami’s Next Metal Gear May Suffer

Hideo Kojima is the man behind so many amazing Metal Gear games. Now that he is no longer with Konami, we wonder what will happen to the series, can the next Metal Gear be as good without Kojima involved?

We can’t say for sure if Konami will be able to pull it off, but if we look at some recent comments of Hideo Kojima, it indicates that due to his way of developing games any Metal Gear developed without him will struggle to maintain quality.

As a producer, Hideo Kojima not only liked keeping a keen eye on the process but was actively involved in nearly every single aspect of it. He treated Metal Gear like his own child.

He explained that he likes to do everything by himself at the same time. That is his speciality!

His comments show that he never lost control and made sure Metal Gear and the idea behind it was delivered exactly the way he wanted.

For Konami, not only making a Metal Gear game without Kojima would be a challenge, but convincing fans that it is good enough won’t be easy as well. Right now, Konami doesn’t have the most positive image among fans.

Next Metal Gear game is in early stages of development and it would take a while before we get to see it. It is likely that it won’t be a part of the main saga and will follow the story of a lesser known character in a spin-off like Metal Gear Rising.

Do you think Metal Gear can survive without Hideo Kojima?