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Future of Pokemon, Should More Risks be Taken?

In a new interview Junichi Masuda has been talking about the future of Pokemon. Having worked on the franchise since 1995, the director of the latest games is one of the people who knows the franchise better than most.

In an interesting interview with Gamasutra, Masuda talked all things Pokemon, especially the upcoming X and Y release. One dream that he revealed having, and one that would make fans happy would be a worldwide simultaneous release:

“It’s really been a goal — a dream — for the last seven years, to accomplish a worldwide release. This is really because we want to give players around the world the same starting point, a chance to discover pokemon themselves, and to be able to go in fresh without having any sort of information in advance. We really think that discovering pokemon for yourself is one of the most fun parts of the games. That’s really why we wanted to do the global simultaneous release.”

Obviously localisation issues won’t make that an easy thing to achieve. He also revealed though that one thing many players rely on is the core gameplay. While he tries to be innovative, that always has to be in his mind:

“With each Pokemon title, we’re trying to do something revolutionary among Pokemon titles — like with the communication features, this time, with the PSS and Pokémon Amie. So we do add in new elements, but we want to make sure that the core gameplay is something comfortable and familiar to players who have been with the series.”

This is definitely something that has worked up to now, with the games staying so popular.

What are your thoughts on the future of Pokemon? Should there be more risks taken with the franchise? Let us know in the comments section below.