Dark Souls 3 Download Size May Have Been Revealed

The Dark Souls 3 download size appears to have been leaked. With the game not being available for over a month though, this may not be the full size but give an idea on the initial size.

If true, the download size is 17.3 GB based on the image you see below. This was shared on Reddit where more than a few people questioned the amount of space the game would take on their consoles.


As many said, this is likely to be the pre-load download size, which would then be added onto when the game releases. The size of download is unlikely to be as small as it is, which can be compared to Dark Souls 2 also listed there, at 12.1GB. It looks like we’ll still have to wait until a final size can confirmed.

With Dark Souls 3 looking more graphically comparable to Bloodborne there is more of a chance that the download size will be closer to that, which as you can see from the PlayStation Store is an initial download of 25.3GB. This would be a more believable size for a game like Dark Souls 3.

What we do know about the game are the pre-order bonuses, including the discounts available to PC gamers. With April not being too far away, there isn’t long to wait before it comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and we can finally play what could be the final chapter of the Dark Souls trilogy.

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