Street Fighter V Evo Signups Break Records, Even After Game Issues

While the game may be having issues on its release, that hasn’t stopped Street Fighter V Evo signups from being a big success. In fact, this year has seen the game break records.

Things are finally settling down with the server issues for Street Fighter V, though I’m sure there will be many gamers who still feel annoyed by the way the game has been handled on its release. Today though, Evil have revealed the record breaking signups for the tournament event:

This is impressive, though we don’t know the actual figures but it also shows the competitors have faith in what counts, and that is that as a fighting game Street Fighter V does hold up.  That has been overshadowed by the questionable release of the game by Capcom.

The Evo 2016 event is scheduled to run from July 15-17 in Las Vegas. More details about the event can be viewed here which will include all the latest news on Street Fighter V and all of the other games included.

Hopefully by July all the issues around the game will be resolved and people can concentrate on what is important, and that is the tournament itself. By then we’ll also hopefully be playing the cinematic story mode for the game, and it will feel much more like a full release.

What are your thoughts on the Street Fighter V Evo signups? Are you looking forward to the event? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.