Street Fighter 5 Nash Guide – How to Play, Combos, Tips to Play Against and Counter

By   /   Feb 22, 2016
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A member of the United States Marine Corps. and a longtime buddy of Guile, Charlie Nash was introduced in Street Fighter Alpha series and is a playable character in Street Fighter V.

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Street Fighter 5 Nash Guide

This guide details tips on playing as and against Charlie Nash along with some basic combos and juggles listed to help you out!

How to Play as Nash

When it comes to differences between Nash and characters such as Ryu, you need to understand that Nash’s Sonic Boom is not much effective from fullscreen as it is from his maximum footsie range.

Another difference that you need to bear in mind is that while casting Sonic Boom, Nash does not provide his opponent with a large hurtbox to interrupt him unlike Ryu’s and Ken’s Hadoken.

Due to this fact, you are free to spam as much Sonic Boom fireballs as you like; provided that you are beyond your crouching MK range.

One more thing that you need to remember that is that Nash’s footsies game is absolutely useless similar to Lord Bison due to his slow walking pace. However, he has a lot of tactics up his sleeveless sleeves.

For instance, you can easily fake a Sonic Boom and force your opponent to jump in followed by punishing him or her with either Air Jack or EX Sonic Scythe. Mix up these techniques and you will indeed emerge as victorious!

How to Play against Nash

As mentioned earlier, Nash has an extremely slow walking pace, but pretty decent forward dashes which you need to utilize as much as possible to charge in and to pressure your opponent.

With the sole exception of his Critical Art, Nash does not possess an invulnerable reversal and his decent anti-air requires EX Gauge.

Despite all these things, you need to avoid getting frame-trapped by him as it will put you at a great disadvantage. At mid-range, he will solely rely on Sonic Boom and Moonsault Slash.

As soon as you see him jump, make sure to retaliate with an anti-air! Last but not the least; you need to avoid his HP Sonic Boom cancelled into Sonic Move by backdashing or jumping backwards.


Combo #1


  • LK Sonic Scythe
  • EX Sonic Scythe

Combo #2
LK, XX, MK, f, LP, XX…


  • LK Sonic Scythe
  • EX Sonic Scythe

Combo #3
Cr.+ MP, f, Cr. + MP, b + MK, XX…


  • LP Tradgy Assault
  • EX Sonic Scythe
  • HK Sonic Scythe

Combo #4
UF + MK, Cr. + MP, f, MP, XX…


  • HK Sonic Scythe

Combo #5
UF + HK, Cr. + HP, f, MP, XX, EX Tradgy Assault, f + HP + HK, UF + HK, XX…


  • EX Sonic Scythe
  • MK Sonic Scythe
  • f + LK
  • HP, XX, QCB + HP

Combo #6
QCF + EX Kick, f, B + MK, XX…


  • QCB + HK
  • QCB + EX Kick

Combo #7
QCF + EX Kick, f, LP, XX…


  • QCB + LK
  • QCB + EX Kick

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