Rumor Suggests Zelda NX is Confirmed for Being a Launch Window Title

There have been rumors that Nintendo was deliberately delaying Zelda so that it could also be released on Nintendo NX since mid last year. However, the officials did not agree or disagree with that all this time.

They haven’t done so even now, but a new rumor suggests that Zelda NX is actually a reality and that it will at least be a launch window title for Nintendo NX.

Not only that, the rumor claims that the 2016 launch for Nintendo’s mysterious console is confirmed as well.

MetalDave of NintenGen claims to have confirmed “as 100 percent legit” the news from a Nintendo employee involved in the project. He further claims that the employee ID of the said source was also verified alongside his name and current employment status at the company.

That being said, the source has allegedly given visual proof of the existence of the Zelda NX project. The game will apparently be released alongside Nintendo NX or very soon after launch. Not only that, it claims that Nintendo will want to release the game on Wii U and NX together.

Moreover, the alleged leaks suggest that apart from a few projects for the Wii U, Nintendo is culling support for the console in the second half of 2016 although support for the 3DS will be much more “robust.” This indicates that Nintendo NX is more likely to be a home console or a hybrid as compared to being a handheld.

As far as the Zelda NX project is concerned, no more details have been shared but if it actually is going to be released this year, alongside the console, we are bound to see much more of Nintendo in the coming months.