HTC Vive Price Could be a Gift to PlayStation VR if it is Priced Right

Now that the HTC Vive price has been revealed, an idea is being formed as to who will lead in the fight to dominate the early days of VR. While Oculus Rift stands a chance, PlayStation VR has the potential to steal the first victory.

Today, Michael Pachter, Research Analyst at Wedbush Securities shared his thoughts on the pricing of the VR headsets on Twitter:

His view is one that does make sense, right now this is a race that PlayStation VR could potentially steal. If they can provide a price that is sub $500, and the cheaper the better, then they could steal the spotlight.

Looking at the prices, it is interesting that the HTC Vive is so expensive. What we have to remember though is the fact that the package comes not only with the headset but also controllers. This is something that Oculus Rift isn’t supplying, and at the moment we don’t know just how much the controllers will be, unless you stick to the Xbox One controller which is hardly appropriate for Virtual Reality.

Now we have to wait and see not only when PlayStation VR will be released, but also what the price will be. While it is expected that Sony will want to provide the headset at a good price, the current prices of the other headsets is showing that early adoption for VR is not going to be good on our pockets.

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