Fallout 4 Player Makes Daredevil Season 2 Trailer, Doesn’t Fail to Impress

So it turns out that The Book of Eli now isn’t the only piece of media featuring a blind man in a post-nuclear apocalypse.

Yet another enterprising Fallout player, UpIsNotJump, has recently decided to remake the Season 2 trailer of Netflix’s Daredevil series in Fallout 4, taking advantage of the wide variety of clothing that your character can take.

With Season 2 of the critically acclaimed Marvel series coming on March 16, anticipation for Daredevil is high…especially now that Matt Murdock will be running across another Marvel favorite: Frank Castle, otherwise known as the Punisher.

The Punisher is one of the darker characters in the Marvel franchise, a former cop turned into a Dexter-like vigilante that kills criminals and gangsters of all descriptions in a variety of brutal ways, as he hunts down the mobsters that murdered his family, while Murdock worries that his actions as Daredevil are inspiring others to take up vigilante justice in the same way.

While one can hardly fault Castle for the reasoning he uses in the trailer (a Batman-like situation where, while Daredevil beats criminals and they get back up, Punisher makes sure they’re gone for good), his actions may cause New York City to explode into a firestorm of violence as gangs try and take him down.

The Fallout version of the trailer makes a very good effort to copy the trailer shot-for-shot, including exploding cars, accurate outfits, rooms filled with dead criminals (Castle’s handiwork) and conversations between the Fallout versions of Murdock and other characters.

What will happen in the story when Daredevil’s second season finally premiers is a mystery for now, but with the Punisher around, things are going to get a lot more serious. One might say that Daredevil’s next fight will be more…punishing…then anything he’s ever faced before now.