Fallout 4 Patch 1.4 Goes Into Beta on PC, Adds the Cosmetic Stuff

Bethesda continues its support of Fallout 4 with not one but two updates coming out in February to address issues affecting the game’s PC version. Earlier today Fallout 4 patch 1.4 beta came out on Steam, and Bethesda has invited PC players to test it out.

The beta includes a number of cosmetic additions (additional clutter in raider or Super Mutant territory including cages, tents, meat carts, and new pieces of furniture and material for settlements including different wooden and metal doors, paintings, and signs) and bug fixes to quests, actions like bringing up the Pip-Boy, and objects.

Players that want to experience the beta beforehand can log into Steam and head to the Beta tab of Fallout 4’s settings section to select and download the update.

Despite its critical acclaim on launch, Fallout 4 nevertheless ran into the problem that every game does; bugs that were either missed at some points during the coding and testing process, or ones that were simply overlooked due to being unimportant in the game as a whole.

The beta will most likely last for a couple of weeks for Bethesda to iron out most of the kinks before the game is fully updated. So how many of you are still busy in exploring the wastelands? What do you want Bethesda to fix first? Share with us in the comments below.