Doom Warpath Mode Will be the New King of the Hill

Bethesda have revealed some details on the Doom Warpath mode, a variation of King of the Hill. The focus seems to be on chaos and keeping action as being key to success.

In the latest update about Doom, Bethesda have revealed that they don’t plan on the multiplayer mode being about finding cover and sniping opponents from a distance. This is going to be all out action, this is why they have adapted the multiplayer modes to be different. This includes Warpath:

“This is DOOM’s take on “king of the hill” – the difference being that the capture-point moves in a circle around the map (along a clearly marked path). Meanwhile, a game-changing demon rune moves in lockstep on the opposite side of the path. Players have to decide where they want to be: rushing toward the power-up to turn into a Marine-destroying Demon; clustered around the capture point to defend or steal control; or simply roaming around looking to pick off any errant foes. The constant motion adds a unique twist to the gameplay, spurring players to move just as quickly as they do in single-player. It’s frenetic, fast and a heckuva lot of fun.”

They also revealed that to spice up the action there will be “Hack Modules” which are single use disponsable items that are earned through gameplay progression. They make a point of saying they will not be microtransactions.

These Hack Modules will add things to the game, including things like the Supply Timer which reveals when certain items will respawn in a certain area. There is also the Power Seeker, which points you in the right direction to locate nearby powerups.

Are you looking forward to trying out Doom Warpath and the other multiplayer modes? How do you think the Hack Modules will adapt the gameplay of Doom? Let us know in the comments section below.