BroForce Coming to Playstation 4 in March Via Vote to Play

Free Lives’s testosterone-induced, blood-pumping, deliciously idiotic action movie pastiche BroForce will be coming to Playstation 4 in March, according to a vote that Playstation put out to see which Playstation games would be for free next month.

BroForce, the famous run-and-gun platformer that features thinly-veiled characters from well-known action movies (including Rambo, Terminator, Highlander, and the Boondock Saints), was voted in first place to come to Playstation consoles by Playstation players.

In second place was by Action Henk (a platformer featuring an action figure that uses physics to slide along courses and avoid obstacles as you race alongside other action figures in a 90s throwback) and Assault Android Cactus (a twin-stick shooter game where you play a variety of androids named after various plants to fight robots) took third place.

BroForce has gained a reputation for being extremely over-the-top ever since it entered early access in 2014, and that only increased when the game fully released in October of last year.

With a theme song by heavy metal band Strident singing their praises, players of BroForce will fight the devil and an army of terrorists equipped with giant robots, helicopters, tanks, and suicide bombers across a variety of areas filled with fully destructible terrain, massive explosions, and caged prisoners-of-war that you can rescue to get more characters (or “bros” as the game puts it).

The game has already been highly successful with its original release on Steam, with a rating of Overwhelmingly Positive. The game even had an expansion: the Expendabros, an expansion used to promote the then-upcoming movie Expendables 3, which is basically like BroForce put to film with an action hero team-up.

If you’re in the mood for a mindless shoot-em-up with some of your favorite action heroes, BroForce will be available on the PS Store in March.