Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Is This The Scariest Game of All?

The horror genre is one of the most stagnant we have in the gaming industry today, along with first person shooters. It lacks innovation but things got really exciting when Silent Hills P.T came to light. P.T could have been the scariest game of all if it was fully developed but the project couldn’t make it.

P.T showed that we can still achieve something amazing with psychological horror in video games. While Silent Hills is no more, Visage may turn out to be the perfect spiritual successor.

It is a horror game that is currently up on Kickstarter. It is being developed by SadSquure Studio and it takes inspiration from P.T. It is identical in style and gameplay to Konami’s cancelled project.

Visage uses psychological horror to great effect.

It uses visual and sound cues to trigger fear inside the player. That distant bang on the wall, music suddenly getting intense, lights flickering, are old school but effective methods. Even though is nothing really scary is happening on screen but such elements build up the tension and suddenly everything explodes when you see a monster appear, and you nearly soil your pants.

Visage will also remind you a little bit of Paranormal Activity as well. Can Visage become one of the scariest games of all time? Well, lets see some new gameplay and find out.

If you would like to support Visage, you can do so by funding it on Kickstarter. Its goal was $35000 but it has already crossed $68000 with 21 days to go. You need to to pledge at least $5 to be eligible for a “we love you” package from SadSquare Studio.

Or if you are feeling generous you can pledge $150 or more to “become the ghost” in the game. Your family becomes a main family in the game.