Hideo Kojima: P.T Was a Decoy, We Had Great Ideas

Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro were united once again at DICE Summit. During their keynote speech, they revealed some interesting information about Silent Hills and what they plan on doing next.

According to Hideo Kojima, Silent Hills was suppose to be a decoy and they didn’t want fans to know it was them. This indicates that P.T may not even be a slice of Silent Hills. The final product could have been completely different.

When we were looking at P.T., [Kojima] said ‘we’re going to do this low tech. We’re going to do this so people don’t know it’s us until the ending. It’s going to be kinda a bit crappy…’ P.T. itself was meant to be a decoy. We were thinking people would take 10 days, two weeks to solve it and they solved it in like three days.

“We had great plans. We had great ideas I think that would have done fantastic stuff. It was fantastic, the results were amazing, and that was him not putting his foot full on the pedal.”

Great minds were working on Silent Hills and it would have indeed been amazing. Since Hideo Kojima can’t be a part of Silent Hills as it is owned by Konami and cancelled, should the man work on his own horror game?

We have seen him meeting up with The Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus and Guillermo Del Toro lately. Del Toro even went as far as saying that he would do anything Kojima wants.

The hype around Kojima Productions’ first game without Konami is absolutely insane. Considering the success of P.T, it would make sense if Del Toro and Kojima work on a horror game together.

And this time, Konami won’t be there to cancel it.

Source DICE Summit (Via: Gamerant)