Five Video Games We Regret Buying The Most

We all love video games and spend our hard earned money on this entertainment medium. Developers promised so much when a certain game was announced and majority of the time they make sure they deliver a great experience.

However, many times we feel disappointed over our purchase and regret buying a game that promised so much and delivered so little. Sometimes devs screw-up, on other occasions we ourselves just don’t feel satisfied with the game.

So today, I will be listing down five video games you may regret buying (I know I did) for various reasons. Lets see which games we regret buying the most.

Lost Planet PC

lost planet

To be honest I enjoyed the game on Xbox 360 but it was not a decent port for PC. Keymapping was horrendous, for whatever reason its settings menu was filled with bizarre terminologies, linear gameplay and horrible acting in cutscenes, you’ll feel uncomfortable while playing it with a mouse and keyboard.

Lost Planet was a decent game overall but it suffered due to poor execution.

Batman Arkham Knight PC

Batman Arkham Knight

Do I need to explain why you may regret buying this game? The game speaks for itself. Batman Arkham Knight will go down in history as one of the most horribly optimized PC games. I read a comment on Steam about Arkham Knight that perfectly described this game. A user said: “This game was developed by Joker to troll Batman’s fans on the PC.”

The game was a disaster and even after WB pulled it from Steam and other platforms to fix it, it didn’t help matters much. Of course, the game is now more stable but it is no way worth your money.

The Last of Us

The last of us 2 remastered edition

Now before you guys rip me to shreds for listing The Last of Us, let me explain why it is here. The Last of Us is the best PS3/PS4 game so far and it is amazing both visually, gameplay wise, and what can we even say about the story and emotions you feel.

The only problem was its campaign length and a dull MP that fails to keep you hooked for more than a day or two. After the rush of emotional orgasim fades once the campaign ends, you’re not left with anything. Not only you wonder what to do with your life now, you also wonder if it was worth spending $60 for a 7-8 hours long game. You then turn to its multiplayer and the first problem you face is finding a match.

The most disturbing part of it was its blatant attempt to pull out more money from wallets. They were selling new gestures for $2.50 each and $7 for a hat bundle. Moreover, there were weapons and skins bundles available that provided clear advantages to privileged players who pay more.

Once you are done with the story, that copy of The Last of Us just sits there and you wonder, was it worth it?


Destiny Trials of Osiris

Destiny is…Destiny! It still amazes me how Bungie managed to turn this game into a super successful franchise. Its repetitive gameplay, lack of content, half-hearted story makes Destiny a poorly executed game. However, now that The Taken King is out along with so many other expansions, it is worth buying.

But if you bought the season pass and have spent over $100 for everything that should been there in the first place, you will feel screwed over when seeing The Taken King going for $39 on Amazon with all of the previous expansion included.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs is a game most of us regret buying and if you are considering it, don’t! It is one of those games that promised so much and delivered so little. The only thing good about Watch Dogs is that it lays the groundwork for a decent franchise, but itself, it sucks!

Those who recently bought a copy should consider returning it or getting Bad Blood DLC to go along with it. Bad Blood is much more fun to play and its lead character “T-Bone” has much more personality than Aiden Pearce.

Well, these were the top five games we think are not worth it. Let us know which games you regret buying in the comments below.