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Street Fighter 5: Restore R. Mika’s Butt Slap with this Mod!

Okay so Capcom says that the R. Mika buttslap was unacceptable and uncomfortable which is why they removed it from Street Fighter 5, but the community wants it back – they even signed petitions for it. However, you can get that move back in the game with a mod!

If you are one of those people who just don’t want to settle without a thing you like (no matter how immaterial it is) then this guy has got you covered. With four simple steps, essentially replacing the new move with the old one from the beta, you can watch R. Mikaa slap that ass as much as you want.

Here is everything you need to know and do:

  1. Backup your shit. Seriously, I have no idea how broken this will make your installation if the game updates but I’m guessing a lot.
  2. Download this file and extract into the folder where you installed SFV to (the same folder as StreetFighterV.exe).
  3. Go to “StreetFighterV\Content\Paks” and delete pakchunk7-WindowsNoEditor.pak. Or rename it, whatever. Make sure it’s 7, don’t change any of the other files or your game will probably crash.

Just like any other unofficial mod, we are not sure how much of a damage it could do to your Street Fighter 5 installation in case the game gets updated, especially the online part, so download and use the mod at your own risk.