Resolution and Framerate Debate Blown out of Proportion, says Unravel Dev

One of the most contested issues about modern consoles has to be speed and how good they look. The developer of Unravel thinks that resolution and framerate are blown out of proportion though when it comes to games.

Talking to Gamingbolt, Martin Sahlin of Coldwood revealed that he isn’t really a person who cares about resolution and framerate when it comes to games:

“Yeah, I think it’s a little bit blown out of proportion. I’m not really a resolution guy,” he said.  “But it’s… I think it’s kind of fun as a developer, to be able to push boundaries, to be able to do kind of advanced stuff. I mean, I guess I like the challenge, because I like how it looks, and I think a game like this obviously helped by being beautiful. Which helped grabbed people’s attention. So things like that, they do matter. It does make a difference.

But also, as a developer, I kind of like it the more similar platforms are- because again, there are fourteen of us, and whenever there is a difference in the spec, in the machines that you are working on, it means more work for us. Because you have to make it look the same on everything, and it’s not always that easy to do that, it can take more effort.”

This is interesting, especially in relation to Unravel, where you don’t really see people complain about whether the Xbox One version didn’t look as good as the PlayStation 4, or any debates over framerate. Most people were more charmed by the little Yarny character and his adventures.

Do you agree with Martin Sahlin or do you think that resolution and framerate are important in modern games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.