Quantum Break Has Gone Gold, Headed for a Smooth Release

Remedy’s Quantum Break has gone gold and is heading to Xbox One and PC on April 5. There is still plenty of time for developers to take a final look at the game before sending it out for mass-production.

Quantum Break was the latest Xbox One game to be announced for PC. Both versions of the game will release on the same day, meaning there is not a single day of exclusivity for Xbox One. Since the beginning, Microsoft marketed Quantum Break as a Xbox One exclusive game and now that is it coming to PC, many are criticizing Microsoft over the situation.

So it was necessary that Microsoft comes forward with an explanation. According to the company, they didn’t know about the PC version until only recently. There were no plans for it but Microsoft and Remedy decided port it to PC as well.

The release of Quantum Break is a part of Microsoft’s initiative to bringing Xbox and PC gamers together under one unified platform.

We are trying to bring gamers together and trying to break down the walls. We are at Microsoft and we are all about gaming. This is about putting gamers at the center of everything we’re doing.

There are rumors that Quantum Break is only the beginning. Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Forza 6 are headed to PC as well. In fact, a renowned publication accidently mentioned Gears of War 4 PC but later removed the post.

Microsoft is also boosting Xbox One and PC crossplay but many are concerned over how they will handle Xbox Live requirement. We recommended that Xbox Live shouldn’t be a requirement for games that support cross platform play.