Hitman Live Components Explained: Escalation Mode, Contracts, Live Challenges

Hitman developer Square Enix has shared some new information about how live components work. In a very lengthy post on Steam, they shed some light on Live Challenges, Contracts Mode, Escalation Mode and much more.

In this article we will discuss all Hitman live components one by one. So let’s get to it.

Elusive Targets

It isn’t a secret that Agent 47 is a contract killer and most of the contracts you’ll get in the game are replayable, so you can approach the mission differently each time. However, there are going to be some contracts that are only available for a limited time. Such contracts are called “Elusive Contracts.”

If you miss your shot and the target escapes, you won’t get another chance to hunt him down.

These targets will be custom-created characters that are added to existing locations and are only there for a limited time in real-time. You’ll only have one chance to take them down. If they escape, they are gone for good. If you kill them, that’s the way that you killed them. There are no do-overs and no second chances. When an Elusive Target leaves the game world (one way or another) they never return.

Before your Elusive Target mission begins you will be shown a brief video, explaining the backstory and details about the target. You will also be explained why they are at a certain location, it may help you assassinate the target so pay attention.

Escalation Mode

Escalation Mode is one of the new features of Hitman. Basically, it has different levels of difficulty and with each passing stage the requirements of completing an assassination change.

As an example, the first stage could be to eliminate your target with a sabre. Then, the second stage could be to eliminate your target with a sabre whilst dressed as a waiter and removing any security camera recordings within two minutes. We are able to change where the security cameras are and also add additional ‘security’ measures to the locations, such as laser trip-wire explosives that you’ll need to avoid.

Contracts Mode

You may remember this one from Absolution. You create your own contracts, assassination requirements etc. You can compete against your friends and some of the best custom contracts will be picked up by IO for “Featured Contracts” list.

Live Challenges

These are community-inspired challenges that will test your knowledge of certain locations.

These challenges will be an homage to some of the more elaborate, amusing, difficult or creative feats that we see our players complete. As an example, one of the first ‘live challenges’ we are looking at creating is called “Hammer Time” and was inspired by a ‘2AngryGamers’

This one is shaping up to be the best Hitman yet and it is coming on March 11 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.