Hitman Co-Op is Appealing if Right Idea Makes it Work Says Producer

The Hitman PC Beta is taking place this weekend, then we only have a few weeks to wait till the full release. Would you ever want to see a Hitman Co-Op mode in the game? The developers have considered it.

This has been revealed in a new interview with IO Interactive Studio Head and Hitman producer Hannes Seifert with Metro UK. When asked if a co-op mode had been considered he revealed:

“Trust me, we’ve had this discussion. [laughs]

Yes, it’s very appealing but we need the right idea to work. Like the Hitman Go on tablets, it needs to fit the actual gameplay.

I don’t think every game has to be the same. It gives you the opportunity to stand out. We shouldn’t do a player versus player mode just because it’s fashionable. I think we’d rather like to set trends rather than follow them. And I think with our triple-A episodic release, with this strong live focus, I hope that we set a trend. And let’s see how many follow.”

The idea of co-operative missions in Hitman are interesting, but would they damage the immersion of being Agent 47, who prefers to do missions on his own? For fans of playing games with friends, I’m sure there is some interest there. I’d prefer Hitman to stay as it is.

What this shows though is that there is still growth in Hitman, and new ideas are always being considered. With the Beta we have been given a look at a Hitman game that has gone back to what works best, and does it well. It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

Would you like a co-op Hitman? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.