Guillermo Del Toro Says “Bastards with Money” Limit Gaming Creativity

No matter how we want to look at it, at the end of the day profit making is what drives any industry and video gaming is no different – there might be other driving factors in our field too, but making business is what keeps the money coming, without which no AAA game would be there in the market. On that note, Guillermo Del Toro sounds pissed with a number of people, though.

The iconic filmmaker was accompanied by Hideo Kojima at their recent talk at DICE 2016 where he commented on the state of game development in thee industry, the levels of creativity and the limitations.

In his opinion, while “the storytellers look ahead to see what they can discover,” the people with money look back because “that’s the safe route” for them. However, creativity in gaming has no limits in his opinion but the ones put in place “by the bastards with the money.”

That being said, although Kojima-san and Guillermo Del Toro being together on the stage gave off the vibe that they might announce something, they only teased what they always have i.e. they will make something, sometime down the line.

Del Toro reiterated that he indeed is done with making games but added that “except with this man,” while he pointed at Kojima saying “I’ll do whatever the fuck he wants.” Continuing on the topic, Hideo Kojima said:

I don’t know what it is. It is probably going to be hell. It is probably going to be really tough. It is probably going to be a game or a movie. I don’t care, but we will do it.

So yes, no news yet, but since Guillermo Del Toro will work on “whatever the fuck [Kojima] wants,” they have got us glued.