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Firewatch Patch Has Come to Deal with PS4 Performance Issues

Developers have released a new Firewatch patch that will deal with performance issues on PS4. The patch will improve many aspects of the game significantly.

Campo Santo is also working to upgrade their version of Unity Engine. They will also add subtitles but we don’t yet know when they plan on doing it. Meanwhile, the latest patch brings us the following improvements.

  • Draw distance and shadow render distance have been improved, which should remove significant texture popping.
  • Streaming loading and unloading has been significantly adjusted with extra safeties so you should no longer see loading happen right in front of you.
  • We got Unity to fix a very rare hang that could occur when loading and unloading scenes.
  • Many instances of unstable framerate have been improved.
  • Auto-saves are now far less frequent, as they were causing the worst framerate hitches we have been seeing.
  • Several places where people were escaping the world or getting stuck in collision have been refined. Also, if you are stuck in an endlessly falling state, the game will attempt to put you back, either through loading the last save or respawning Henry aboveground.
  • Various cases where you were able to interrupt or break your current quest have been safeguarded.

That’s it for the patch, let us know what other issues you would like devs to address in the next Firewatch patch.

On a related note, Firewatch fans were able to find something very interesting in the game. There is a phone number in the game that actually works. It belongs to Shoshone National Forest Dispatch and I am sure they would have received plenty of calls by now.

We only hope devs asked permission before giving out their real number. You can head over here to read up on the story.