Be Fair MS, No Xbox Live Subscriptions for Cross Platform Play on PC/Xbox One

Microsoft is doing everything it can to bring Windows 10 and Xbox under one unified ecosystem. Many Xbox games are already being prepped for PC and many others are rumored to be in the pipeline, such as Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3 and Forza 6.

The gaming community is divided over this issue, PC gamers fully support this initiative, but many Xbox gamers have their concerns. In you ask me, I don’t mind this at all but I do sympathize with Xbox gamers losing their exclusive games to PC. But when you think of PC and Xbox as one, it makes much more sense.

The issue here is that not only Xbox exclusives are coming to PC, but PC allows players to play these games free of cost online. However, Xbox One users need a $50 annual subscription to access online features of any kind on the same game. How will Microsoft handle this?

It would be really unfair to Xbox One users so is it time for Microsoft to drop Xbox Live subscription requirement? Or at least reduce it? Well, we don’t think that would ever happen as it would be a very unwise business decision, as the company would lose billions each year.

There is only one way to keep things fair for players on both platforms. For games supporting cross platform play on Xbox One and PC, there should be no requirement of online subscription of Xbox Live on Xbox One.

No Xbox Live Subscriptions for cross platform play on Xbox One and PC seems fair, but if you have something better in mind, let us know in the comments below.