Xbox One February Update Starts Rolling Out, Targets Social Features

The Xbox One’s social media component got a massive upgrade today as detailed by Major Nelson, with the return of multiple old features and the arrival of a few new ones available both on Xbox and Windows 10.

While the Xbox app update is live, Xbox One February update will be available tomorrow.

“This month’s system update starts rolling out to the Xbox app today and on Xbox One tomorrow; with it, comes a host of social features that will help you stay connected to the Xbox Live community across both console and PC. A few highlights include being able to see who’s in a Party on Xbox One before joining and – on both Xbox One and the Xbox app – we have made it easier to get details on suggested friends.”

In addition to being able to see who is in a party, the new update streamlines several features that had already existed, such as a shortcut to make using a code (like, say, if you want to redeem a gift card) quicker and easier.

Users will also be able to see a Gamerscore leaderboard, if you’re into achievement hunting, or rearrange Pins, if you want to customize your Home screen into something more manageable. Gamers that like to stream or watch streams will be able to quickly join Twitch broadcasts.

Sick of advertisements for betas or free-to-play games or apps you no longer use cluttering up your Home screen? You’ll have the option to hide that stuff so that you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Various ways to keep up with gaming news and your own social media will also become available, including an Xbox News app, friend suggestions, and an activity feed that will allow you to look at the newest content that you’ve subscribed to.

The Avatar Store also makes a return from the 360 days, allowing you to customize your Xbox avatar with a variety of cool outfits and accessories. So, what do you think about Xbox One February Update? Are these features good enough for you?