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Street Fighter 5’s Lack of Content and Optimization Causing Negativity on Steam

If you thought that the buttslap issue was negative publicity for the game, check out the Steam reviews of Street Fighter 5 right now.

Capcom had had a lot of time to figure out if they were doing Street Fighter 5 right or not, and they did manage to impress a number of reviewers, however, it looks like the Steam community is largely unimpressed by the game.

A majority of the user reviews on the digital distribution platform for the game are negative (1316 as compared to 907 positive reviews), and it looks like nobody is cool with the lack of optimization and the lack of content that the game has.

This review outlines one half of the problem: “did the standards just drop in recent years? this is happening too often where games are just… unfinished or poorly optimized” and the other half is where people are actually referring to the game as an “release beta.”

It is true that Capcom has had closed and open beta testing phases more than once which should have given them a fair idea that their model is not going to settle well with, if not all, a majority of the fans.

Moreover, Street Fighter 5 is very high profile game and it surely is surprising to see that it has had a stumbling start, “t should be illegal for this not to be considered an Early Access game,” people are saying.

Any how, how much hours have you clocked on the game? Tell us if you are satisfied with the amount of content it has been released with.