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SMITE Double Everything Weekend Announced

SMITE Double Everything weekend has been announced so get ready to earn more for less effort. Players who join the action from Feb 19 to Feb 21 will get double Favor, Experience, and Worshipers.

From Friday, February 19th to Sunday, February 21st, earn double Favor, Experience, and Worshipers on both PC and Xbox! This is a great weekend to grind out those masteries you’re missing, while earning some extra Favor and Experience!

Also, enjoy 50% off all Voice Packs on both PC & Xbox!

SMITE is on Xbox One and PC but fans would be excited to know (at least PlayStation fans) that the game was recently rated for PlayStation 4. Yes! SMITE might be heading to Sony’s current-gen console.

Hints of SMITE coming to PS4 have been around since last December when some datamined files showed its existence. Our Editor Sarmad Lillah reported a few hours ago:

Hi-Rez Studios’ third person MOBA just got rated by Pan-European Game Indicator (PEGI). Not only that, the game rating also suggests that the publishers are going to release the game on Sony’s latest console very silently today!

The listing seems pretty legit but there is something that is really odd about it. According to the listing, SMITE PS4 is coming to today, February 18.

However, I don’t see any SMITE on PlayStation Store or anywhere else so far. Let me know if you find something. At the time of this writing there’s also no listing of it on Amazon, GameStop, GAME etc.

Anyways, we’ll let you know as soon as something new comes for SMITE PS4. For now, enjoy SMITE Double Everything and earn as much as you can before February 21.

Do you think SMITE should come to PS4? Let us know what you think in the comments below.