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Man Urinated in Walmart After Getting Caught Stealing Video Games

Well, many of the people who visit Walmart are a little odd and unique individuals. I say that in the nicest way possible but of course, you can say that after every sentence such as “I would like to murder you…in the nicest way possible.”

Anyways, today we have a very interesting story of a Walmart customer who wasn’t too happy with how the retailer treated him. So he decided to let them know of his disappointment by peeing on the floor.

The man named John Garvin was caught stealing and was disappointed when the loss prevention officer took him to his office and called the cops, how could they??. I guess he was under the impression that stealing is how you get stuff from Walmart, don’t you?

He was with an unarmed female and while both of them were sitting in the office waiting for the cops to arrive, the man decided to let it rip. He urinated on the floor then and there.

The incident took place at Walmart on Memorial Boulevard in Murfreesboro. So what exactly was he stealing? Well, he was caught stealing video games, $500 worth of video games!

All he was trying to do is play some video games with his girlfriend and they arrested him? Walmart deserved urine on its floor.

Anyways, he will be presented in front of a court judge on April 28. The noble man is being charged with shoplifting and indecent exposure.

A man urinated in Walmart after stealing video games is not something we hear everyday, I am sure many crazy incidents in Walmart go unreported.

Surely, many of you visit Walmart, let us know what kind of people you see there. Share your stories with us in the comments below.

Source: WKRN