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Layers of Fear Release Brings Psychological Horror to Consoles and PC

Layers of Fear is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Layers of Fear release brings unique art-style mixed with psychological horror that is better experienced while hiding behind a couch.

The game is similar to Hideo Kojima’s P.T in many ways, especially visuals. After playing the game for a while, you will see how brilliantly Bloober Team has managed to capture the essence of this genre.

Layers of Fear takes its time and builds up each situation that suddenly blows up and your heart sinks for a little. You spend plenty of time getting to know what’s going on by looking for keys to open doors, reading notes, exploring every nook and cranny.

There are many secrets hidden behind those doors and paintings, so keep exploring as it is definitely worth your time.

With each passing minute, Layers of Fear becomes more and more interesting as it unfolds its layers of fantastically designed horror.

We definitely recommend spending your money on Layers of Fear. If you do, you will need to download a Masterpiece patch before jumping in. Here are the full patch notes.

  • The number of rooms have increased from about 70 to more than a hundred
  • A lot of the rooms from the Early Access has been redesigned
  • The final chapters of the game have been implemented (duh!)
  • New findable objects have been added, other were redesigned
  • Additional VO, including female voices
  • New music tracks added
  • Achievements and steam cards added
  • Redesigned death animations and added new respawn rooms
  • A lot of fixes to mini games, door opening mechanics,
  • Performance optimization

Layers of Fear is going for $19.99 on Steam, PSN and Xbox Marketplace. Fans like me who loved and miss P.T, Layers of Fear release is really exciting.

Have you played the game? What is your opinion of it?