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H1Z1 Just Survive is Now Available, King of the Kill Will Follow

H1Z1 Just Survive is now available on PC and according to DayBreak Games, King of the Kill will follow. They didn’t mention when exactly will it release, there is just a post saying it will unlock “later.” Let me know if it is available to you.

Anyways, H1Z1 Just survive is for PC only while King of the Kill is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC. This is something not many are too pleased with as King of the Kill is just a multiplayer shooter rather than a survival game we all were hoping for.

Meanwhile, Just Survive is the main open world zombie game that is exclusive to PC for the time being. According to a statement from DayBreak:

Over the course of development, we discovered it had evolved into two unique gaming experiences, appealing to two distinct communities. Fostering lasting communities is the bedrock of our organization, and by allowing these worlds to exist independently and grow in their own distinguished ways, we can better deliver on a consistent vision and clear roadmap for each game toward official release and beyond.

Multiplayer looks good but what we need is the open world survival portion of H1Z1 on consoles. The good news is that even if H1Z1 Just Survive never comes to consoles, DayZ will. For those who don’t know, DayZ is a similar open world zombie game and many believe that H1Z1 is inspired by DayZ, it sure looks like DayZ.

Now that H1Z1 Just Survive is released, PC users will experience the following NPC changes:

  • Zombies now randomly pick an animation set upon spawning, allowing for more combinations of clothing and animations.
  • Zombies will now move at certain speeds based on their animation set, which should eliminate feet sliding and animation blending issues.
  • NPC spawns have been tweaked. Day and night NPC spawns using varying ratios making the night more dangerous
  • Day: Higher number of walkers and prey type wild life
  • Night: Higher number of runners and predator type wild life

Changes to Weapons & Armor are as follows:

  • Lowered AK-47 damage from 32 to 29.
  • Increased AK-47 re-fire delay from 125ms to 160ms.
  • The amount of damage Explosive Tipped Arrows deal to vehicles has been reduced slightly to prevent them from one-shot exploding full Condition vehicles.
  • Kevlar will now break after 2 gunshots instead of 3.
  • Motorcycle helmets now absorb slightly more damage, preventing instantaneous death from a single shot to the body following a headshot.

Go ahead and follow the link above to see what changes King of the Kill will bring.