WWE 2K16 Will Reach The PC Master Race in March

Wrestling fans looking for good games for PC are in luck this March, as 2K Games and the WWE have announced that WWE 2K16 will be coming to the PC next month, downloadable on Steam.

The game, the third iteration of wrestling under the 2K banner, had appeared on Germany’s Amazon pages last November, though then its release date had still been in doubt.

The game will be an exact port of the PS4 and Xbox One versions and will include all of its DLC, including its Showcase and Future Stars packs and a pack that lets players play as the Terminator, from the classic science fiction movie.

WWE’s previous wrestling game 2K15 had been ported to PC in April of last year, after being released for consoles in October 2014 with a gap of six months. 2K16 had been released at the end of October of last year, which will be a gap of five months when the game releases next month.

2K16 featured an improvement of facial models and over 120 playable characters, along with the character creator that has been a staple of WWE games for many years. The game also includes a face importing function to allow the player’s face to be used for a custom wrestler.

Commentary was also expanded to three members, adding in John Layfield to Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler, who had previously been the commentators for the game.

2K16 also included a number of other customized modes, including abilities to create a show, arena, or championship.

The port’s release date might also have to do with the fact that Wrestlemania 32 is coming up, as it is slated to take place in Arlington, Texas on April 3. With the two so close together it will most likely help to promote the game, as well as the actual events.