The Division Gear is Available for Free to All Who Have a Copy

The Division gear is now available for free to all those who own a copy of this upcoming shooter. All you need to do is redeem a certain code here and get your hands on weapons and skins.

Head over to the link above and use the code “AGENTORIGINS” to unlock free gear for your copy of The Division. You can redeem your code for PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

The Division is coming on March 8 and is a very unique RPG shooter from Ubisoft. It is a very feature rich game and just hours ago we got to know that it has an eye-tracking gameplay feature that looks absolutely amazing. Ubisoft is in partnership with eye-tracking technology creator Tobii.

You can look at a cover spot and quickly move to it using eye-tracking. You will also experience cleaner and less overwhelming UI with the ability to access info at a glance. But probably the best feature of them all is the ability to tag enemies with your eyes. This will help your teammates take them down.

The only problem is that this feature is limited to PC and only for those who own compatible eye-tracking gear from ToBii & Steelseries.

You can head over here to see a video of these features.

Those interested in the The Division should know that its open beta is kicking off tomorrow. Players will get to try out the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

However, Xbox One users will get to play it a day early. Meaning PS4 and PC users need to wait till February 19. You can download the client update right now and try the game for free.

Be sure to pick-up the game in March.

Which platform will you play The Division on? Let us know in the comments below.