The Division Features Include Eye-Tracking, Here’s How It’ll Work

The Division features keep getting better and better. Ubisoft has partnered with eye-tracking technology developer, Tobii. So now, The Division will feature eye-tracking on release.

The feature is limited to PC and to those who own compatible Tobii eye-tracking gear. You can use Tobii EyeX or Sentry Eye Tracker from Steelseries to use many gameplay features of The Division.

For instance, you can look at a cover spot and quickly move to it using eye-tracking. You will also experience cleaner and less overwhelming UI with the ability to access info at a glance.

But probably the best feature of them all is the ability to tag enemies with your eyes. This will help your teammates take them down.

You can see these features with your own eyes in the video above.

The Division is coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on March 8. It would have been awesome if this feature worked with consoles as well. Kinect and PlayStation Camera could have been used here.