Star Wars Battlefront PC is Struggling, DICE Says Stats Are Wrong

There is a website called Star Wars Battlefront Stats or SWBstats that provides users with concurrent player count of the game. If you visit the website and look at the stats, it shows some pretty concerning numbers for Star Wars Battlefront PC.

At the time of this writing.

  • PC: 2,075 (24h peak: 7,220)
  • XBOXONE: 8,210 (24h peak: 31,928)
  • PS4: 18,063 (24h peak: 51,769)
  • Total: 28,348

These stats show the struggles of Star Wars Battlefront PC but keep in mind that these aren’t official numbers. In fact, DICE says this website is providing inaccurate stats.

Since DICE doesn’t share such numbers with us, it is impossible to know how far off this website is. For now, I think we shouldn’t take such stats from unofficial sources too seriously.

Plenty of of you have been playing Star Wars Battlefront on PC. Do you think the game is struggling? Has it been hard to find matches? Let us know what you think in the comments below.