Overwatch Loot Boxes May be Purchasable, But Loot System Won’t be Random

When the Overwatch Closed Beta returned it brought with it a new progression system. Now that players have been experiencing it, Blizzard have been talking about it in more depth, especially Overwatch loot boxes.

In a new interview with PCGamesN game director Jeff Kaplan he has been discussing the progression system and gamers response to it. Also how the new system will be tweaked due to feedback from the testers:

“Players have responded really well to the progression system, their behaviours have been what we hoped for and more, which is really cool.” Kaplan explains, “We added this custom game feature with all these great rulesets which players could set on their games and a lot of players are like ‘Yeah, I’m dying to get to that, but there’s no loot boxes for that, so I’m not going to do it right now, I want to get that skin that I’ve had my eye on.’”

For the most part Kaplan has revealed that he is happy with the feedback so far:

 “I’m excited too because there’s more content coming, legendary skins for all the heroes. It’s funny because we’re working on this stuff right now, so I often lose track of what’s in the game and what’s not in the game. I’ll login to the beta and I’ll go to the hero gallery all like ‘oh my god where’s that, wait till they see that, they’re going to be blown away.’”

One thing he did confirm was that if players wanted to buy the Overwatch loot boxes, then Blizzard would be happy to provide the ability. What they won’t be doing though is selling individual skins or ammo boxes. On the randomness of the loot box, it was also emphasising that there may be an illusion of randomness, but with Blizzard, nothing is random:

“I think something that’s very important to note, and I’m not gonna go into a lot of detail here, is being the company that’s made World of Warcraft, Diablo and Hearthstone, I can clearly tell you that there is no such thing as a random loot system, no matter what people think. There is only an illusion of random. Sometimes we do a better job with that illusion than others.”

Would you be willing to pay real world money for extra Overwatch Loot boxes? Let us know in the comments section below.