Improve League of Legends by Fixing the Internet? It Could be Possible

Riot Games are always looking at a way to improve League of Legends. One way is to improve the League of Legends Internet service, or a dream scenario, change the way the Internet works.

In an interesting post by Peyton Maynard-Koran he looks at how The Internet can be fixed to improve it for real time applications. With this being an article focused on League of Legends, he focuses on how this could be done for the game.

Looking at this research he does cover known ground, and that is that the Internet itself is optimised and that leads to many problems for Internet dependant applications. Where things get complicated is in the idea of fixing how the Internet works, and improving it for an application like League of Legends.

“The answer is simple and exciting: we build our own internet. Before you call that a pipe dream, let’s briefly recap the internet’s architecture from my previous post. The internet isn’t a single unified system owned by one entity, but rather a conglomeration of multiple entities. When you play League, data transfers from Riot’s servers to backbone companies (like Level 3, Zayo, and Cogent) to ISP companies (like Comcast, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Verizon) and then finally to your set-up (modem, router, computer), before making a return trip.”

In theory, this could work and in the examples he shows to prove the concept the work done in Northern America does show improvements in service. Can you work out the problem yet? This is an improvement for North American players only.

This would be where it gets complicated, and probably pricey. If it can be done in North America, can it be achieved all over the world? What about European, Asian, and other players? To improve League of Legends as an online game then the service has to be improved for all.

The article is well worth a read if you are tech savvy enough to be interested in that sort of thing. For others though it may be a bit too long if you are looking for details on a quick fix. The fact is though to improve the way the Internet works for us, a solution similar to this may be one of the answers.

Is the way to improve League of Legends to build its own Internet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.