Hideo Kojima’s Next Game May Feature Norman Reedus

Hideo Kojima recently visited Norman Reedus to talk about his studio, Kojima Productions. At the time we didn’t make anything of it but it looks like there might be something going on behind the scenes.

Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus meeting was shared by Kojima but later Norman shared an image of Kojima Productions on Instagram. Now, we could just be grasping at straws here but Norman’s posts are usually work related.

Hideo Kojima(1)

There was also this Tweet from Kojima’s PA:

There are signs that point towards the possibility of Kojima’s next game featuring Norman Reedus. If that turns out to be true, Kojima’s first game is going to be huge.

We already know that Kojima Productions is developing a PS4 exclusive game for Sony. The game is in very early stages of development and Kojima-San recently took a technology trip for research. He visited different studios including God of War creator Sony Santa Monica.

We believe that Kojima was a given a sneak peek at God of War 4.

Anyways, a partnership between Kojima-San and Norman Reedus is something we would love to see. Silent Hills got people’s attention immediately when they found out that The Walking Dead Star is involved.

Like I said, Kojima Productions is currently in search of the right technology for its first game without Konami. Their project is in early stages so it may take a while before something concrete is shared.

Meanwhile, at Konami things are looking a little bleak. Fans are unsure about what the future holds for Metal Gear Solid and other games Kojima was a part of. Konami did say that it will continue making MGS games but should it? Without Hideo Kojima it will take a lot to convince fans that the game is good enough.