Top Gaming Deals: Xbox One, Quantum Break, Doom Bundle, Uncharted 4, NBA 2K16

With every law-abiding adult likely having gotten their tax refunds by now, why not have some of the gamers among us spend at least a bit of that hard-earned money on a bit of fun?

Amazon Deals
2016 is obviously a big year for gaming and these deals seem to be ideal to hop in and join your friends on your preferred choice of platform. If you ask for my recommendation, I would definitely go for Bloodborne.

Why the game will leave you in misery, but the sense of accomplishment that you will get will be far above everything else!

GameStop Deals
Whether you are on PS4’s side or camp Xbox One; these GameStop deals have got you covered! Fans who are eagerly waiting for Uncharted IV: A Thief’s End, the PS4 bundle is probably the best thing for bucks.

While I’m personally more hyped about Remedy’s Quantum Break, I would have loved to get my hands on the sleek white Xbox One, but for some reason I feel PC is going to be platform to play the game on!