The Division Open Beta Now Available for Pre-Load on PC and Xbox One

The Division open beta client is now available to download on Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 users will have to wait a few hours as there seems to be some back-end issue.

After the announcement, fans immediately noticed that The Division open beta wasn’t available on PS4. Little after, Ubisoft asked fans to rest assured as it will be available soon.

Open beta will kick-off in a couple of days, February 18. It will give everybody a chance to try out the game for free without having to preorder a copy.

In the beta, maximum level a player can reach is 8 while the limit is 12 for the Dark Zone. Keep in mind that your progress will not transfer to the final game even if you own a copy or get one after the beta ends.

Surviving the Dark Zone won’t be easy so we do have some tips and suggestions that will help you do better.

Xbox One has one day head start so players on this platform can start playing The Division beta 24hrs early. Meanwhile, PS4 and PC users will have to wait till February 19.

The action will end on February 22.

Source: Ubisoft