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Street Fighter V PC Release Didn’t Go Too Well on Steam

To see how well a game’s release has gone you just have to look at the user reviews and how well it was received. Looking at the Street Fighter V PC release it seems to not have gone well.

We’ve already reported on how Ono has apologised for the server issues the game has had today, but taking a look at the Steam page for the game, things are not good. We do have to note that Steam reviews can often be harsh and unfair at times, but they also provide an insight into what fans are most annoyed about.

Looking at the Street Fighter V PC release, at the time of writing it is getting “Mixed” reviews. This features 498 negative and 409 positives. Taking a look at the negative reviews this comes from a mixture of complaints about controller support issues, server issues, and inevitably the lack of content.

One of the nicer reviews, which is less aggressive sums up many issues people appear to be having:

“I like the fact that the game starts. It has some nice music. Can’t speak to gameplay though, because I can’t get into a match and even if I could, neither my controller or keyboard work.”

Server problems on the first day of release are to be expected as this is the first day of them getting a good work out. The controller issues will be much more annoying though, especially when legacy support for controllers was a big selling point (especially for the PlayStation 4). These will hopefully be issues that Capcom will look into and fix quickly.

Looking at the positive reviews, most praise the game for its competitive nature, but not surprisingly warn against the lack of single player content.

What are your thoughts on the Street Fighter V PC release? Let us know in the comments section below.