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Street Fighter V Server Issues Become a Major Problem, Ono Apologizes

Street Fighter V is now available in the market but it looks like the game is having server issues across the board. Capcom released a statement saying that they are working towards a fix after players reported Errors 21400, 10007 and 2100d.

On the other hand, Yoshinori Ono personally apologized to fans on Twitter and said that this is something they need to fix.

Such issues with major releases isn’t uncommon, often games of this scale face issues when tens of thousands of players log-in at the same time.

Rest assured, things will run smoothly in a few hours. However, Street Fighter V server remains a problem for many gamers across the globe.

While we can’t do anything about back-end server issues, we may be able to help you with other problems. Check out our solutions guide for Street Fighter V bugs, issues, crashes, and more.

You can pick up Street Fighter V on PlayStation 4 and PC. There is no Xbox One version planned for the time being, in fact, Ono recommended that Xbox players save-up and get a PS4 to play the game.