Street Fighter V Cinematic Campaign Will Last Around 2 Hours

While it may not be a popular move for fans, the Street Fighter V cinematic campaign will not be in the game until June. Today game producer Yoshinori Ono has given some detail on what to expect.

In the video above he goes into detail about what will be coming in 2016 for the game. For most fans the Street Fighter V cinematic campaign will be the most important element. As we already knew, the story will take place between Street fighter III and Street fighter IV and answer many questions about what took place between the two.

What is interesting is that the campaign will last around 2 hours, which in many ways will make it feel like a film in itself. In the video Ono joked that they could have released this as a game in itself, but are offering it free instead. I’m not sure that many fans will agree with him there. Thankfully although we have some time to wait, there will be no extra cost.

As we’ve gone over previously, there will be a number of characters added to the game throughout 2016 as well as game features. One of the games main problems is that it doesn’t feature these games now, on its release. Maybe when we get these features the game will feel more fleshed out and we’ll be able to see the game how it is meant to be.

For now though we have the chance to fight against friends online as well as play through the Survivor Mode, and Story Mode. Though fans will obviously be looking forward to June much more, to finally get the Street Fighter V cinematic campaign that should really have been released now.

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