Street Fighter 5 Tips For Blocking, Recovery, Throw, Reversals, Anti-Air, Cancelling, Frame Trapping

Street Fighter 5 introduces a bunch of new gameplay mechanics without compromising the depth of the game. The changes have created an even playing field for both veterans and beginners which is a good thing in my opinion.

Street Fighter 5 Tips

This guide, however, contains some fighting tips that will probably help you understand what to do and what not to do in a match. Do not forget to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below:

No Armor-Breaking
Similar to Street Fighter IV, there is recoverable white damage on absorption; Focus in SFIV. In SFV, however, you cannot be knocked out while absorbing and there are no Armor-Breaking attacks. With this, absorbing an attack using an armor-move will not kill your character.

Blocking and Recovery Damage
In SFV, you can no longer KO an opponent using a special attack and forcing her/him to block it with the sole exception of Critical Art. Another mechanic is White Damage or Recovery Damage.

Successfully forcing your opponents to block strong attacks (non-jabs-and-non-kicks) will cause the opponents to receive 1/6th of the damage dealt by the attack as potential future damage. If the enemy does not take damage for about 90 frames, the damage is reclaimed.

New Throw Mechanics
With the exception of V-Trigger, LP+LK has input priority over all attacks. This essentially means that now you cannot mix throw with crouching LK. The animation of D+LK+LP is regular throw animation.

It is a good idea to mix in throw amidst fast attacks; the same thing goes for avoiding the throws. Players should also consider the range of throws since whiff throws are insanely punishable.

Moreover, owning to the short range of throws, they can simply be blocked by holding back by dodging them. You can block a crouching LP by holding back and continue to do so to avoid the upcoming grapple.

Lastly, empty jumps are more potent in SFV than they were in SFIV. If you jump towards an opponent without any accompanying attack and then follow up with a LP or LK, you will dodge your opponent’s throw attempt.

Reversals and Anti-Air Changes
There are only a handful of invincible reversals in SFV and a few of those can easily be countered during recovery. In the game, whiffing an anti-air Shoryuken will always result in devastating combos so you should think twice before going for it immediately after waking up.

As for reversals that receive counter-hit when punished during recovery, these include Cammy’s Cannon Spike, Chun-Li’s EX Spinning Bird, F.A.N.G.’s MK, HK, and EX Ryobenda, Karin’s EX Ressenha, Necalli’s Raging Light, Rashid’s EX Spinning Mixer, and Ryu’s and Ken’s Shoryuken.

When it comes to punishing, the smallest possible reversal window is 3 frames. This includes recovering from air, attack, floored, hitstun, and blockstun which makes it a tad easier to counter-attack punish, but can also be used against you.

In SFV, normal attacks can easily be cancelled into specials; similar to Street Fighter III. It is not extremely difficult to chain two light attacks into a special since there is no concept of having super-ideal timings.

While some may think that this has made the game a tad easier, the entire system works really well.

Frame Trapping and Recovery
In SFV, it is extremely hard to frame trap an opponent and make them feel miserable for the rest of the round. In the game, there is no spamming a ‘set play’ with the use of quick recovery and back recovery.

You can simply hit D or B to get up after being knocked out and gain some space with the sole exception of knockdown caused by throws. It should also be noted that Crush Counter causes unrecoverable knockdown allowing potential mix-ups.

Last but not the least; there are some Critical Arts that also cause unrecoverable knockdown, however, these are not enough to let players spam the frame traps and are only for animation purposes.

Make sure to share your own tips and strategies with us in the comments section below!