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Star Wars: The Old Republic Developers Working on New MMO

Fans of the popular Star Wars: The Old Republic may be interested to know that BioWare Austin look to be working on a new MMO game. This was revealed on a job advertisement that has been posted online.

On the job page, the company reveal that they are looking for a Senior Lead Server Engineer:

“BioWare is seeking a qualified Senior Lead Server Engineer for a new, unannounced BioWare IP. This role will direct a team of software engineers to create the backend systems that will drive online play for this exciting new game.”

The job advertisement also goes on to say that the successful applicant will need experience developing for the PC and for consoles. This will mean that the game will not only be PC based, but will probably be aimed at PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too. We’ll have to wait for the full details of this though when the company are ready to reveal them.

What we can tell from the job announcement though is that it won’t be a game connected to Star Wars: The Old Republic, or based on any other Star Wars based story line. This is hinted at because of the fact that it will be an unannounced license connected to Bioware. As we know the Star Wars games are now connected to Electronic Arts who will have that license for the next few years, and maybe more.

Any news that BioWare is working in an MMO though has to be good news, especially with their history with Star Wars: The Old Republic. We’ll have to wait and see what game this will be.

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