Metal Gear Online Update to Improve Respawns, and More Quiet DLC Details Revealed

About a week ago we reported on the release of Cloaked in Silence, the DLC release for Metal Gear Solid Online. Today Konami have revealed more details about the release as well as the next Metal Gear Solid Online update.

On the Konami site, the company have revealed details on the Metal Gear Online update which includes not only DLC details but also changes that will be coming to the game. This includes changes to respawn points, where players were having problems with reclaimed Comm Links. With this update you’ll no longer be able to respawn on that Comm Link point.

They also revealed that another problem where players with no captured Comm Links would be forced to respawn at their HQ. This would lead to spawn camping, which is obviously not good. This will be fixed with the addition of alternative spawn points away from Comm Links and HQ points.

More interesting for most players is the Cloaked in Silence DLC, which Konami have revealed some details for:

“Quiet is a very skilled sniper. In MGO, she will carry on that special skillset from the single player. More specifically, she will have an aim that’s almost perfectly accurate in both third person and first person with minimum to no camera sway. This means she has superior skill handling her Sniper Rifle even in close/mid range proximity.”

They also went into detail about her sprint ability, and how cloaking will be activated:

“Quiet’s exceptional movement speed allows her to sprint infinitely in MGO. On top of this, a temporary sprint boost to her already fast speed and added cloaking effect is activated while sprinting by pressing down the left stick. Keep in mind that this temporary boost has a cooldown, so you will need to decide the best situation to use it.”

On the issue of her not being able to speak, Konami have revealed:

“As you all know, Quiet will not speak. This means she won’t have any spoken dialogue in her Preset Radio, however, in exchange she utilizes a variety of humming noises to communicate.”

With promise of even more abilities coming to Quiet, it looks like she will be an interesting character to play in Metal Gear Solid Online.

Are you looking forward to the Metal Gear Solid Online update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.