Street Fighter V Will Be For Hardcore Fans and Newbies Alike

The Street Fighter V release is only hours away now and we’ll finally be able to play it. Unless you already have been of course, but then you’ll be annoyed by the data wipe that is taking place.

In a new interview with US Producer of Street Fighter V Peter Rosas (also known as Combofiend) he discussed how the game has been adapted to not only be for hardcore fans, but those who are new to the game:

“Our goal with Street Fighter is to make a game that’s easy to play, yet hard to master,” he says. “That said, there really isn’t any line to draw. There will always be simple mechanics present that everyone will grasp and deeper mechanics there for those that want to take a deeper dive.”

On making it more accessible to “newbies” he continued:

“Although Street Fighter V is a bit easier to pick up and play than say Ultra Street Fighter IV, that doesn’t mean that title we had completely forego the complexity and technical skills that come with mastering a Street Fighter title,” he explains. “Long time Street Fighter players will still find challenging combos present as well situations that will require them to input commands in tough situations. The biggest difference here however, is that we’ve put shifted the emphasis of the game from being player versus the game versus the player, which is how it was in Ultra Street Fighter IV, to just player versus player.”

Another aspect of the release was the ongoing support that will be provided:

“We’ve learned that the days of developing a standalone product are gone and that providing an ongoing service based product is the way to go,” says Rosas. “This means that development for Street Fighter V remains continuous as we think of new content and battle balance changes for the upcoming years after the game’s release.”

Whether this new model works for the fans of the game will be seen once it is released. Hopefully it will all go smoothly and the battles will begin.

Will you be playing Street Fighter V as soon as it is released? Let us know in the comments section below.