Street Fighter V Comparison Shows the Differences Between PC and PS4

In the battle of game versions, the Street Fighter V comparison is going to be revealing. The big questions is just how does the PlayStation 4 version compare to the PC version of the game.

In the video above, Digital Foundry have taken a look at the game running on both platforms. What is interesting about the Street Fighter V comparison, it is that because of the cross-play functionality and the fact that the replay can be saved on the Capcom Network the version of the game they show looks in synch.

The good news for PlayStation 4 players is based on a 1080p comparison the games at first do look fairly similar. The more you look at the PC version though, the more you do notice certain differences.

If you listen to the commentary on the video Digital Foundry do a good job in pointing out all of the technical details and where the differences are. To be fair though you’d have to be picky to care about such subtleties in this Street Fighter V comparison.

What you do get with the PC though is the ability to set the resolution to a higher setting. This was seen in the previous Street Fighter V 4K video we showed, which showed the game at its most stunning. This shows what the PC is capable of when it goes to higher settings, and it does show the game off at its best.

What we see in this Street Fighter V comparison though is that the game runs well on both platforms. When it is fully up and running we’ll have to see how well the net code fairs with all of the users logging in and pushing it to its limits.

Chances are these may be where some issues will be found. What are your thoughts on the Street Fighter V comparison? Let us know in the comments section below!