Street Fighter V: Capcom Will Delete Your Saved Data if You’re Playing Early

Street Fighter V is set to release tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and PC. However, similar to every other release nowadays, Street Fighter V copies are leaked early and players are already enjoy Capcom’s new brawler.

But it looks like instead of letting it go and allowing players to play without consequence, Capcom has decided to take some action. Those playing Street Fighter V should know that Capcom will reset servers in coming hours.

This means that all your saved data is going to be wiped out.

We’re looking into reports on this matter as we are concerned that consumers playing early will have their game data wiped and all progress deleted due to the server resets taking place prior to launch. This is due to take place early evening today.

Bad news for players who got their hands on early copies. It looks like you have to start all over again.

Tomorrow the game will be officially playable on PS4 and PC.  However, players will get to play it on Linux and Steam OS as well. Capcom announced that Street Fighter V will release on both platforms this Spring.