Rocket League Has Disappeared from Xbox Store

Rocket League on Xbox One has gone missing from the store. Players are reporting that they can not see the game hub and pins have disappeared even though they have preorder a copy.

When you search for the game on Xbox Store (Desktop) it says that the game is moved to a different location or is no longer available.


One of the reports say:

So I just went to preorder rocket league but when I did the game no longer shows on the coming soon list. When I hit see all it showed up but it wouldn’t load the store page for it. Now the game is no longer found at all, and when I went to the Xbox store website for the game via google there is an error on loading the games page. Is this just an odd hiccup or is there more to it? My friend is also experiencing the same thing.

I can see that many are worried that it may be delayed but I don’t think that is the case. The title has already passed certification so this may be one of the pre-release bug that often affect pre-loads. We will let you know as soon as Microsoft shares a word regarding the issue.

Let us know if you are having the same problem in the comments below.