Quantum Break PC is a Windows Store Exclusive

Quantum Break PC is once again making waves, and it is all down to how you’ll be able to buy and download it. The game won’t be available through Steam, only the Windows Store.

This news was revealed on Major Nelson’s podcast on which he was talking about the release of Quantum Break PC with head of marketing Aaron Greenberg. This was where he revealed “Quantum Break on Windows 10 is a Windows Store exclusive”.

This move makes sense for the Xbox exclusive, especially when you consider the world according to Microsoft. In their view everything would be perfect if it ran through their store, and was all tied in through Windows 10.

If it is true that more exclusives are on the way to Windows 10, then expect them to be Windows Store exclusives too. This isn’t such a bad thing in theory though. Through tying games like Quantum Break PC into the store and Windows 10 this should mean that achievements would be accessible through the Xbox App. The real problem will come in through gamer opinion and experience though.

The fact is Steam is one of the best way to buy your games for the PC (my opinion) and rarely lets the user down. Unless you are annoyed by the strange game unlock times which are always annoying on release day.

So yes, Quantum Break PC is going to be Windows 10 only and tied into the Windows Store. As this will be one of the first games to force this model, it will be interesting to see just how well it works and if Microsoft will push for more games to be released this way.

What are your thoughts on Quantum Break PC being a Windows Store exclusive? Let us know in the comments section below.